Ric Flair also knew as Richard Morgan Fliehr is a famous person known for his prowess in wrestling and after playing successfully for a good amount of time, he went ahead and retired from wrestling but he is still a wrestling manager; training other professional wrestlers to master their skill in the game. During his years, Ric grew in popularity due to the fact that he was the best player of is time and in the 1880's and he was awarded for being the best American wrestler. With such skill and excellence, it is important to note that his career as a wrestler lasted for 40 years and during that time, he was signed under the WWE legends program. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling  

Flair was born in Tennessee in the year 1949 and something interesting to note is that he went by many different names but one that has stuck is Ric or Richard Flair. He is an adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Luther and Olivia Philips. During his schooling years, they relocated from Memphis Tennessee where he was born and lived in Edina Minnesota; this was his home until he went to boarding school in Wisconsin. It was while in Beaver Dam Wisconsin that he developed an interest in sports particularly wrestling, track and football such that he went ahead and participated in the interscholastic wrestling.

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